Watling JCB Case Study

Client Details

jcb-case-studyWatling JCB Limited is one of the largest JCB sole franchises in the world. Formed in 1976, Watling JCB specialise in selling new and used JCB machinery into the Construction, Agriculture and Industrial industries. They aim to provide those machines with the finest level of product support available in the world today.

Watling JCB runs from five fully equipped offices, stores and workshop facilities. The head office depot is based near Leicester. Other depots are located at Peterborough, Kidlington, Wymondham and Leighton Buzzard.

The company has grown a reputation as a dynamic, professional and reliable organisation, who make sure customers get the very best out of their JCB machines and attachments. Watling JCB maintains a very close relationship with JCB product research, development and engineering design. This helps all customers stay at the forefront of their markets.

Starting with logging calls from one key customer Watling JCB and InfoRoute worked together to configure Sales Support & Service Manager to suit the work they do, with fast job search, archive recall and automatic reporting.

InfoRoute Configuration Service makes it fast and easy for Watling JCB managers to introduce changes and try new ideas to learn what works best for them.

Key Points

  • Staff located across 5 offices log and share latest jobs details
  • Manage several hundred active jobs per day
  • Job archive recalls any past job in seconds
  • 100% web based system – authorised users access when and where they need.
  • Key customers can access their job details online
  • Automatic job import from key customer system
  • Upload & share documents; photos, scanned hand written reports, PDFs, etc.
  • Flexible reporting & automatic calculations

Automatic job import from key customer system

ForkRent, a key Watling JCB plant rental customer with equipment on hire across the UK generates hundreds of service and repair jobs every month. Issuing jobs to third party engineers, reporting progress of jobs and chasing details for billing and warranty claims took too much time and effort.

Custom job import link

InfoRoute woked with ForkRent’s software supplier to create an automatic link. Every time ForkRent allocates a job on their system for Watling JCB to manage details automatically appear on Watling JCB screens. This cuts phones calls and faxes, saves time and avoids errors loading jobs.

Cut telephone calls, emails and faxes

Watling JCB authorised ForkRent to view their job details online. This cuts telephone calls and staff disrruption.

InfoRoute take the effort to understand our business … and work as part of our team

Phil Whaling, Watling JCB

Electronic documents cut paperwork and delays

Job sheets, estimates, service checklists, photos … for every job Watling JCB have to keep track of lots of documents to complete and bill for work done.

Cut paperwork

Paper documents are scanned and attached to job sheets for instant recall. Saves office space and time filing and looking for paperwork.

See the complete picture

PDF, Word and other electronic documents are filed online as part of each job. Staff manging jobs have all the information thy need at their fingertips.

Automatic reports and fast archive search

With hundreds of live jobs and many thousands of archived completed jobs, Watling JCB management view reports tuned to their business to undertsand the overall picture and measure performance.

Automatic service level analysis and reporting

TeamWorks247 logs events on each job to monitor when things were done. InfoRoute created fast KPI (Key Performance Indicator) reports to automatically measure actual performance against target.

Drill down analysis

Tho online archive holds detials of all past jobs. Staff can search the archive to answer common or one off questions. Fast search and filters home in on relevant details in seconds from thousands of jobs: for example

  • find all jobs for a specific plant number
  • find all jobs for a particular model of machine
  • find all jobs involving specific words, e.g.  “WARNING CODE B150C-1C”