Vision Reports


We believe you want quick access to tyre check information AND that you have better things to do than sit at a computer running reports all day. So we created

  • Just a few reports that tell you all you need to know
  • We ensure all reports are quick and easy to use
  • As far as possible reports all work the same way, with Drill Down, Roll Back and History facilities.
  • You can run reports wherever you connect online – on your computer, tablet or phone.

Report Selections

Step 1 To start Click Reports to view your customer list

Step 2 Tick a customer box to select a customer

Step 3 Move mouse over reports title to drop down the reports list, click the report you want.

4 To select individual fleets click the + sign in front of the customer name. You can select one or more fleets.











5 To select another report for the same customer. Mouse over reports title to drop down the reports list. Click another report.

Tip You can select more than one customer in the same report.

6  Find Vehicle. Sometimes you only know the vehicle reg or fleet number. To find the customer, fleet and contract name, type the first 3 characters or more of the reg. All matching vehicles are displayed.

Tip Use Find in the Dashboard or beside the Reports title.

7 Roll back. You can compare performance for the current or any previous period.

Click Earlier to view data for a previous period, and Later to view more recent data.

Tip: Vision keeps track of the vehicles belonging to a fleet at each point in time. That ensures information and calculations are correct at any point in time.  You can make accurate performance comparisons across time.