Vacu-Lug Case Study

Celebrating 10 Year collaboration

May 2013 marked the tenth anniversary of Vacu-lug and InfoRoute introducing electronic mobile tyre inspections. Vacu-lug manage tyres on some of the largest truck fleets in the UK. Together Vacu-lug and InfoRoute solved a major challenge: to organise independent third party companies to regularly inspect tyres on thousands of vehicles, always on the move, across the UK. The solution, Truck Tyre Manager has been running non-stop for 12 years across the UK.

Inspector Links works in harsh environments

Tyre inspectors work outdoors, in all weathers throughout the year, to ensure the safety of tyres on truck, trailer, van and car fleets. They can spot problems before they occur to minimise breakdowns and unscheduled downtime. Inspector Link ensures fast, “work anywhere”, low cost operation. Offline operation means a mobile signal is only required for two-way data transfer.

Online synchronise automates teamwork

Vacu-Lug manage national fleets with vehicles travelling anywhere across the UK. Tyre inspectors work for independent, third party the service providers located across the UK and Ireland. Inspectors from any company can instantly view details to inspect any vehicle they find. Once a vehicle is inspected Inspector Link updates all other inspectors to avoid duplicating work during the current inspection cycle.

Fleets constantly changing

Truck operators frequently move vehicles between locations and add and defleet vehicles. Inspector Link automatically updates inspector smart phones with the latest fleet change.

First class support for over 10 years

Neil Marston, Operations Director

VFM – Vacu-lug Fleet management

Tyre inspection data automatically updates VFM – Vacu-Lug Fleet Management. This powerful management tool analyses tyre-fleet data from the field and provides a comprehensive series of reports covering every aspect of tyre usage: Costs can be analyzed in either high or low level detail, and wear patterns – either by vehicle or by location – can be monitored to signal where remedial action may be required.

Compliance, both with tyre policy and the law, is facilitated as routine inspection dates are recorded, vehicles not inspected are easily identified and the remaining tread depth for each wheel position is noted. All this information, and more, is delivered direct to the fleet manager’s computer via Vacu-Lug’s secure web portal, which can be accessed 24/7.