Technology developed by InfoRoute Synchronize and Authorize powers flexible networks which organize work between contract managers and service providers. Independent companies can work together to deliver global customer service securely and efficiently across thousands of locations.

We welcome enquiries from third party system developers. Synchronize and Authorize can help you create, manage and automate instant two-way data sharing and transaction transfer. Connect teams of workers operating off line systems on mobile devices to back end on line systems.

Proven facilities include

  • Can operate with any standard SQL data base.
  • Operates on Android mobile devices and can be ported to Apple, Microsoft etc. devices.
  • Custom database ensures sub second processing, and high speed data transfer.
  • InfoRoute Mobile DB delivers fast search, load and display performance on relatively slow mobile devices.
  • Online TeamWorks 247 database manager allows authorized local managers to add and edit customer and vehicle data.
  • TeamWorks247 flexible design enables extra fields, database tables and complete new facilities to be quickly added.
  • The database supports large file operation. For example, with Mobile DB a smartphone can hold details of all 350,0000 trucks in the UK for instant offline recall with no network connection required.
  • Two-way transfer sends
    • Back end master database changes to update to each offline mobile device
    • Uploads transaction and database changes from each mobile device e.g. job details completed, to update back end master database.
    • Updates all other offline mobile devices in the same group
  • Provides simple rule based processing to automatically control access to view reports, receive transactions and export data to third party systems.

This technology is recognized by HMRC R & D grants for original software development.