Lodge Tyre – Case Study

Business Requirement

In recent years Lodge Tyre commercial business is growing rapidly. To support this expansion, they decided to emphasize regular tyre inspections by all mobile fitters. They needed a system to quickly check tyres on vehicles, promptly relay actions to depot staff, and report progress to regional and top management. Avoiding extra paperwork and admin was key to this objective.


In 2012, following extensive trials Lodge chose to roll out InfoRoute TTM to all mobile technicians. InfoRoute visited all depots to train managers and local staff. TTM is in daily use by over 200 mobile technicians working from 21 commercial branches.


All staff use Vision online to view latest inspection details on all vehicles. Past Checks reports show managers vehicle inspection % by fleet for current and all previous months.

Lodge encourage fleet customers to view inspection performance for their vehicles online. By working together they minimize downtime and increase productivity.

Lodge IT staff now access their TTM database in real time to take their reporting and computer systems to a further level. They have developed programs to combine data from TTM with their business management system.