Kerr’s Tyres Case Study


We (Kerr’s Tyres) have worked with InfoRoute for over 10 years to grow our truck tyre business. TTM allowed Kerr’s Tyres to transform fleet inspections from a simple written format to a fully electronic version, which fleet operators can view online.
The TTM tyre database underpins Kerr’s Tyres P.P.K. fixed budget contracts we offer fleet operators. Based on fleet size and annual mileage we calculate the pence per kilometre rate required. The key to success is that both parties benefit from the contract.

Norman Kerr – Managing Director – Kerr’s Tyres

With InfoRoute TTM we manage tyres on thousands of vehicles for local and national fleet operators.
Action Lists help us plan urgent and routine service work. We view actions on line as soon as vehicles are inspected. It helps Kerr’s Tyres organise site visits to maximise productivity, minimise travel and downtime.
With TTM we can instantly search past inspection details for any vehicle to identify tyre wear issues and determine best value fitment.

Stephen Warnock – Operations Manager – Kerr’s Tyres