Inspector Link

The Inspector Link system enables fast tyre inspections anywhere, any time. No mobile signal is required and all vehicle details are always available and up to date. Updates in seconds when a mobile signal is available. Easy to use operation, proven in over 2.5 million vehicle checks to date.

Runs on Smartphone and Tablet computers. Key benefits include:

Fast Input Single hand operation
Data always available Mobile technicians can access all vehicles from any fleet they look after
Offline operation  Work anywhere – no mobile signal required
Online data transfer Cuts travel and delays
Two way transfer Relay equipment and inspection details between mobile workers and managers
Increase productivity Hold instantly available details of many thousands of vehicles or items of equipment
No special equipment required Uses standard Android phones and tablets
Synchronize avoids duplicate effort. Share details of work done across teams of mobile workers. On screen alerts show items already completed.
Proven across UK In daily use by leading independent tyre dealers since 2003.
Secure Vehicle data only accessible by authorized users