Horndean Tyre Services Case Study

Business Requirement

Replace hand written tyre inspections and reactive job management.

Horndean Tyres wanted to end the chore of fleet checking on paper documents. They wanted to get away from difficult to read hand writing and delays waiting for paperwork, before anyone could act. And they wanted easy to use reports to spot trends and organize work efficiently.


With InfoRoute all Horndean tyre fitters use a smartphone to inspect any customer vehicle.

At a glance managers see the latest information to plan service and tyre replacement visits. Better planning delivers improved service, increased productivity, and cost savings.


Smartphone – dual purpose – Phone + Inspections

Horndean Tyres equipped their team of mobile truck tyre fitters with Truck Tyre Manager and Google Android Smartphones. No need to buy or carry expensive extra equipment. The one device handles phone calls and tyre inspections.

Offline inspections for low cost, fast, anywhere operation

InfoRoute Inspector Link works anywhere with no need for a mobile signal. One touch, single hand operation for fast inspection input.

Online Mobile Link data transfer for instant communication

Fitters send inspection details and receive vehicle updates in seconds where ever they have a mobile signal, with InfoRoute Mobile Link automatic smartphone data transfer.

“We chose a ready to run, proven tyre inspection solution, from tyre trade specialists”

     Peter Michie – Hordean Tyre Services


Online Synchronize automates TeamWorks

Each smartphone holds all vehicle details for all Horndean customers. Fitters can inspect any vehicle not already inspected, whenever they are on a customer site. They automatically receive details of vehicles already inspected by other fitters, each time they run transfer. And they can add any new vehicles they find to the database and inspect them right away

Management Savings & Benefits

With live, accurate tyre information for every vehicle, depot managers can organize work to maximize fitter productivity. They can see what tyres need moving, recutting and replacing at a glance. Tyre depth profile reports help plan buying to ensure stock availability and take advantage of price deals.

Horndean provide key customers with online login access to view inspection and job details for their vehicles across the Internet. It helps everyone organize work to minimize vehicle downtime, maximize fitter productivity and ensure vehicles operate legally and safely.

TTM plays an important part in helping Horndean Tyres work in partnership with customers to provide the best level of support for their business needs.