Export to Excel – download your data from Vision

Export lets you download your data from Vision and to  Excel or any other program you choose.

What you do with it is up to you. For example you may want to combine Vision data with other data you use in other programs.

Here’s how.

Step 1 Choose what data you want. Maybe all data for one customer, or perhaps just a fleet of trailers, or trailers from two or more customers.

Step 2 Select Export Program, either

  • Inspection Analysis or
  • Fitment List

Step 3 Vision displays data for the current period. Click Earlier to display data from an earlier period.

Inspection Analysis

Fitment Analysis

Step 4 Click Export to down load the data.

You should see this button appear at the bottom of your screen. Click it to upload the data into Microsoft Excel. It will automatically open in a new spreadsheet.

Note: If the button does not appear it could be due to several issues. For example

  • Excel is not installed on your computer
  • Your browser does not support this facility. Try it with the Google Chrome browser.

Any questions please ring or email InfoRoute Support.

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