Customer, Fleet, Contract & Vehicle Admin

Add New Customer

To start to store vehicles for a new customer Click New Customer to create the customer.

Tip check if the customer  exists already. Click Edit Customer


1 Enter the company name.

2 You can also add a phone number if you want.

Now click save.




Add New Fleet

1 Select the customer

2 Click the Name field and type the name of the New Fleet

3 Click Save





Add New Contract

Each Fleet must have at least one Contract.


1 Pick the customer and fleet you want to add a contract to.

2 Enter the name of the Contract here.

3 Select Weekly or Monthly check cycle.

4 Step lets you select how many weeks or months the cycle will last.

5 Offset lets you select the date the next cycle will start.

6 The check type is preset to Depth. Click to choose Pressure or Visual.





Date Picker

Date Picker selects when the check cycle starts. Note: you can choose an earlier date.

Tyre inspection type






Depth = tyre depth & condition

Pressure = tyre pressure + depth & condition

Visual = visual check only

Add New Vehicle

Add Truck, Trailer, Unit, Van, Earthmover, Car

1 Select customer, fleet and contract

2 Input vehicle registration or fleet number

3 Unless you are certain leave wheel pattern or configuration as unknown for the tyre inspector to enter at first tyre check.

Select vehicle wheel configuration, include all two three and four axle vehicle types







Tip: Wheel configurations, leave it to the Tyre Inspector to enter.

Long experience proves that fleet lists supplied by fleet managers often contain mistakes about wheel configurations.

Adding vehicles with wrong configurations slows done the inspection and causes more work putting things right.